Tuesday, 31 July 2018

8 Reasons To Choose Mrs Laundry in Singapore

Anyone can start a dry-cleaning company but only the best manage to stay in business. Perhaps your laundry company isn’t cleaning as well as they used to. Or you have a gut feeling that it’s time to make a change. What do you look for when seeking a laundry company? I don’t go trusting about everyone with my valuable garments. Chances are, you do research on potential companies too. Here are 8 characteristics that all good laundry companies (such as Mrs Laundry) share. Say goodbye to making blind decisions.

1. They pick up and deliver laundry
When was the last time you enjoyed hand cleaning your clothes? I’m guessing you can’t remember. The corporate urban life is so demanding that we, the working class, never have time to attend to personal chores. It’s sad but true. I prefer signing up for a laundry company that picks and delivers garments. This way, I can concentrate on my daily activities while they do all the heavy lifting. At a fee of course. I can’t remember the last time I cleaned my car (or clothes) by hand. We’re here for a short time. Is doing laundry the best use of your time? Of course not. Look for a cleaning agency that works in autopilot: One that picks and delivers garments while you spend your time on what matters most – being productive.

Again, the typical household requires cleaning services twice every month. This does not warrant getting a washing machine. People don’t outsource laundry services because they’re too lazy to clean their mess. They outsource these services because they’re convenient.

2. They’re good at their job
They’ve been in business for over 15 years now. You can’t stay this long in the cleaning industry without mastering your art. Or can you? You can’t keep loyal customers without offering them unparalleled services. How do you feel when you walk into the boardroom in fresh, well-pressed clothes? Confident, right? Don’t you walk with your shoulders back and heads high? I’ve been in the corporate sector for three years now and I can tell you for a fact that nothing feels better than meeting clients; when you’re in an expertly pressed suit. You’re more confident and radiate positivity in return. Perhaps this is why it’s easier staying productive.

3. Consistency
Quick question: Why do people stick to the same perfume for years and get the same haircut single time? Because that’s their identity. When you do your laundry at home, it gets the same typical scent every time. Why should you seek the services of a cleaning agent that changes their quality and scent every time? A good laundry company is one that shows consistency – just like you.

4. They have a personalized touch
A good number of town dwellers do their laundry. Perhaps this is because they understand that garments are valuable and delicate. The right laundry company should pay detail to the client’s clothes. Who would give their clothes to an agency they’re not comfortable working with? You should, therefore, make a point of working with laundry companies that have earned a good reputation.

You’re working hard to improve your living standards. Why should you put on clothes suggesting otherwise? We have two fears – the fear of death and the fear of judgement. Putting on fresh, decent clothes falls into the latter. The right laundry agency should, therefore, offer professional services that portray the standard of living that you’re accustomed to.

5. They use the right equipment
We may not realize it but we actually spend more money on filling our wardrobe than we consciously acknowledge. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not implying that we should be frugal. The average businessman has thousands of dollars’ worth of suits packed in their closet. Isn’t it obvious that we should get the most out of this investment?

Excessive washing actually degrades the clothes fabric. Mrs Laundry, ensure that they follow the manufacturer’s washing instruction religiously. Again, it’s common knowledge that the dryer shrinks clothes. There’s more to this. Excessive heat produced by the dryer breaks down fibres in the fabric. This is why you see dark colours fading and spandex losing its elasticity. A good agency air dries dark colours instead of heat drying them. They should also pay attention to elastic fabrics – such as gym pants – to ensure that they do not lose their structure.

6. You’re not just paying for laundry
They’re not just doing your laundry. They’re saving you time. And this is one thing we can never get enough of. When you work with experts, you have peace of mind knowing that you’ll have clean clothes. The town’s life is super busy. If there’s a laundry company ensuring that you and your family look clean, what’s there to worry about? The only shortcoming is that you’ll have to pay them. But good things don’t come for free. Do they?

7. They can also double up as part-time maids

In most households, cleaning is a big hurdle. We have to balance between, work, school, family and free time. With so many things requiring our attention and not enough time to do them all, seeking the services of a laundry agency cum part-time maid is an inevitable decision. When you seek a reliable agency, you’re sure that they are experienced. They ensure that you come home to some fresh atmosphere and clean clothes.

8. They can clean your carpet too
Experienced cleaners know that all carpets aren’t made equal. They’re woven from different materials with each type requiring a different kind of handling. They will tailor their cleaning methods depending on the type of flooring you have installed. This way, there is a minimized risk of damage. Even though there are people who clean carpets themselves, most people prefer to outsource this job to professionals as they are better skilled. When matched correctly, carpets alter a room’s atmosphere. They make living rooms cosy. Cleaning is inevitable. While vacuuming is simple and gets the job done, carpets have to be professionally cleaned once in a while to maximize on their lifespan.