Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Can Toothpaste Remove Moldy Spots

One of the major problems that are faced by the people living in Singapore is the growth of molds everywhere. The hot and humid climate of Singapore encourages the growth of the molds all over the places. There are some great ways to get rid of these molds from tiles, sofa and anywhere in your house. But the worst thing that is left behind after the mold is removed is the stain. The moldy spots are very stubborn and quite difficult to remove. You must have already faced this problem and tried many ways too to remove it. But every method failed. Have you ever tried toothpaste to remove these stains and spots?

Is Toothpaste Effective In Removing Mold Stains?

If you are wondering that whether or not toothpastes are capable enough to remove the stains caused due to mold then here is the answer. Hope you have already tried a lot of ways to remove but was not successful. Well, the most important thing that you need to know is that toothpastes are not only for cleaning teeth. Take one of the best toothpastes but not the gel ones. Now you need an old toothbrush or any scrub. Rinse the toothbrush properly to make it moist. Then take some paste on the brush.

Now, you have to scrub on the things which have spots of mold on it. The intensity of scrubbing depends on the material or thing. If it is delicate and soft such as sofa, carpet etc then make sure you scrub gently. But in case of hard materials or objects like tiles and bathroom showers etc then you can use force. It is highly effective in cleaning the stubborn stains and spots left behind by the molds. The best thing about this method is that it is very easy to use and get. Toothpaste is easily available in any supermarkets and is also available in all households.

How It Works?

Here are the details about how the paste can remove stains and spots of molds from the places –

1. First of all the toothpaste comes with whitening properties which help to clean the teeth. Thus these properties also help you to remove the stubborn stains from your tiles and other materials and give it a clean and brighter look.

2. You have to choose a paste which is not made up of gel. Also the ones that mention “whitening” clearly is more effective. So, be very careful while you are buying.

3. The cleaning property of these toothpastes helps to remove the dark and stubborn stains from your teeth and thus you can be assured it will be highly beneficial to clean the moldy spots.

Other Ways To Remove Mold Stains

Some of the other ways to remove the spots and stains of molds are by the following ways –

- Tea tree oil: It is a great way to get rid of stubborn stains and spots of the molds from the tiles and fabrics. The tea tree oil is a natural component which consists of fungicide and helps to kill the mold spores and molds. Even it helps to get rid of the spots if applied regularly.

- Lemon: Another great product to get rid of the marks and spots of molds are lemon. The lemon juices are the natural bleaching component which helps to get rid of the spots and marks instantly. The best way to use is to extract some juice from the lemon and then take it in a bowl. Use a brush to gently scrub the marks off with the juice. This will help you a lot.

- Vinegar: Like the lemon, vinegar is also a strong natural bleaching component which has some useful acids in it. The best way to get rid of the mold spots and stains is to apply the vinegar directly on the stain and then scrub it with a brush. It may not get removed fully. But do it twice a day to remove it. Use the vinegar all over the spots and marks. Keep on scrubbing till gets completely removed or the marks get lighter.

- Baking soda: This is a great and natural alternative for bleach and ammonia. It does a great job when it comes to removing stubborn spots and marks from any particular place. If it is a mold stain then also you can completely trust on the baking soda. It also prevents the odor of the molds to spread. Thus, you can use some water and baking soda as a paste and apply it on the spots. For better results you can also use lemon juice and baking soda mixture. This is a great mixture which will help you to remove the stains of the molds effectively.

You can also apply these on the spots and let it sit for few minutes or hours. Once it is done, removing the stain by scrubbing it will get easier. It is even same for the toothpaste. Leave it like that for few minutes. Use a toothbrush which can effectively remove the stains while scrubbing the solutions against the stains. After the scrubbing is done, rinse or cleanse it properly with water. This way it will help you to remove the stains completely. Let it dry or take quick actions to dry it. Use a blow dryer to dry down the area as too much of water and moisture can encourage mold growth again.


When it comes to Singapore, you will face a lot of problems regarding the molds. The climate of Singapore is quite similar throughout the year. It is hot and humid. So, you have to take quick actions that are required to get rid of the molds and stains. It is very much important to make sure you are using the above ways to get rid of the marks and stains left by the molds. The moldy spots can be quite stubborn and difficult to remove. But the above mentioned 4 ingredients are excellent for removing the stains. The easiest way is to use the toothpaste which is easily available and also gives faster result.