Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Why Is There A Minimum Charge For Laundry Delivery?

Working on laundry is very stressful, so is getting the laundry back from the launders. “In any chance if you escape doing your own laundry (doing your laundry interferes with your precious time as well as your freedom, I can testify to that without any qualm) it is very hard to escape taking your laundry to and from your laundry firm” That is a common thought among people, but you no longer need to worry about doing your laundry nor taking them to and from your laundry firm. Speak of hitting two birds with one stone; this is what you should do as a customer in your laundry firm. They pick your laundry, do your laundry work and deliver your laundry. In this case you will be hitting three and not two birds with one stone, believe you me.

The incredible thing about laundry deliveries and pick-ups is that they are services offered by the laundry firms for free or at a minimum fee, if there is any fee at all. Isn’t this unbelievable? Can you visualize this idea, free from the bondage of doing your laundry, getting the laundry picked, getting the laundry delivered all at reasonable fee and a minimum one for that extra service (laundry delivery)? In what other terms can we describe this scenario other than complete laundry service , this is simply because you enjoy all your laundry services completely and fully .This services attempt and actually free you from your dirty laundry and make your life easier. As stated earlier the fee payable for laundry delivery or the 'extra service’ is quite reasonable and as you will discover later minimal. This leads to a quite obvious question, why is there a minimal charge for laundry delivery? Worry no more because I have exhaustive answers for you.

· Laundry Delivery And Pick-Up Are An Extension Of The Laundry Services
Laundry delivery and pick-up of laundry are prerequisites of laundry; this is despite the fact that they regarded as extensions of laundry. Laundry can never be deemed complete if the laundry is not delivered in the exact way (and obviously in a better state) the launders picked them. Considering that laundry delivery is part of laundry, the launders have to offer the services for free or at least ask a minimum fee if they are intending to make their customers pay for the service. Charging a high fee will be unfair to the clients, to the business and to the very definition of the word laundry .Therefore if the laundry firm has to ask for a fee to cater for the delivery of the laundry it should be minimal or charge no fee at all.

· Laundry Delivery Is A Marketing Plan To Attract Clients
Like all the other business ventures, clients are normally sought by people doing business through all types of marketing methods. Therefore the people in business have to do anything to ensure they win a customer. In the laundry business, that thing they are able do to ensure they attract customers, is to assure them that their laundry will be picked up and delivered in one piece. The only thing that they need to do to actualize this wonderful venture and attract clients at the same time is to require the customers to pay a minimum fee. The fee should be reasonable and irresistible, one that a customer can’t resist. In this marketing plan, the laundry firms are usually forced to come up with this initiative (laundry delivery and pick-up) so as to ensure that their potential clients don’t go to their competitors; this is because they have a better deal to offer than their competitors. The deal can only be made to be irresistible if it is there and the fee payable is minimal, that is if there is any fee at all.

· To Be Able To Offer Efficient And Effective Services
Laundry firms can only be termed to be effective and efficient if they offer extra services such as delivery and pick-up of laundry. In the process of offering this services if they charge a reasonable fee to cater for the service, they will succeed in offering efficient and effective services, this is especially for the 'extra service’. 'Save time, enjoy life’ this is the mantra commonly used by the launders and what they should be doing to their clients practically. The current launder that you have should be helping you to save your time and enjoy your life, that’s basically their duty towards you.

The most pressing issue here is how will your laundry firm save your very precious time and offer other services efficiently? The efficiency of their services can only be gauged by their ability to save your very precious time in the process of offering their services. Laundry delivery is one way; the laundry firm can use to save your precious time. This is because you will avoid all the stress and hassle associated with taking your laundry to your launders place of business and then picking them up. The launders should ensure that through the entire process you enjoy your life; this is in line with the latter part of the mantra. Apart from doing your laundry, another thing that will guarantee you enjoying your life is only if they pick the laundry and deliver the laundry, at a reasonable fee.

For both the client and the launder to be on the right side of the equation, it is normally expected that the launder will do everything within his/her power to ensure that the services (including laundry delivery) offered to the clients are efficient, effective and satisfactory and the client will ensure the launder gets a reasonable fee for this services that he/she has offered.

· This Is a Service A Client Can Either Agree To Or Not
In the whole laundry process, delivery of laundry and pick-up of laundry are those services that a client can actually 'survive’ without. It is not a guarantee that every client will be happy and willing to allow their laundry to be picked and delivered by their laundry companies lest the fee for the service is expensive and a scam to steal from them. With this on record the laundry companies do everything within their power to ensure that the clients will have confidence with this kind of services. To boost the confidence of their clients they offer free laundry delivery service or charge the minimum fee possible so as to win their customers trust.

In conclusion, it is quite clear that laundry firms charge a minimum fee for laundry delivery because of various reasons. They do charge minimum fee because of marketing reasons, it is a service that a client can agree to or not, hence the client should be encouraged to use the service. Laundry delivery proves of the laundry firm efficiency in fulfilling their duties of ensuring their clients enjoy their services. With this transparent reasons why laundry firms charge a minimum fee for laundry delivery services you should embrace the services. Why don’t you give it a try right away?